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Annual Carnaval / Fête dʻHiver at ÉFT

Our preparation for our Annual Carnaval is well underway!  We would like to offer our parents and students peace of mind on the food choices that will be served on February 14th, 2019.

While we take care to select nut free products from nut free facilities, our pancakes and hot chocolate will be prepared in food environments (restaurant and school teacher lounge) that are not guaranteed to be nut free. As a parent, if you are concerned you may send your child/children with their own snack.


Each student will be treated to “chocolat chaud” and will receive two small pancakes with maple syrup (see the ingredients listed below).


This year, we are thrilled to have Tria Cafe and Bakery who will be making over 1,400 pancakes for our students.  We really appreciate this huge endeavor for our students.


The maple syrup for the pancakes has been donated by Winding Road Maple Products. Pancakes are always more exciting with real Maple Syrup!

Visit their website for details on their award winning maple syrup.


Please contact your child’s teacher prior to February 12th if you do not want your child to receive any of these treats OR if your child prefers a gluten-free pancake option.


Also bear in mind your child will still need a packed lunch as this is just a treat.


Flour, eggs, 2% milk, baking powder, salt and water


Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Pancake Mix (to be made with milk, eggs, butter/oil)



Carnation Simply 5

Fall Essentials
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