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"Wrap it up Wednesday"

Every Wednesday we will serving our Pita Lunch from PitaPit. 


Term 3 -  March 22 - June 21 (14 Weeks) 

We are pleased to announce Term 3 of the "Wrap it Up Wednesday" lunch program.

To place your order, please visit Cashless Schools between February 17th - March 6 to make your selection.  No late orders can be accepted.


6” Pitas -- $5 each


Choices: (all served on white pitas)

  • Chicken Breast (chicken breast, lettuce, green peppers, cucumber, light mayo)

  • Garden Veggie (lettuce, green peppers, cucumber, cheddar, light Italian dressing)

  • Vegetarian (falafel, lettuce, green peppers, cucumber, feta, tzatziki)

  • Ham (ham, lettuce, green peppers, cucumber, mustard)

  • Turkey (turkey, lettuce, green peppers, cucumber, honey mustard)

  • Souvlaki (chicken souvlaki, lettuce, green peppers, cucumber, tzatziki)

All items meet the Ministry of Education’s School Food and Beverage Policy, PPM 150.

We need your help!  If Tuesdays (For Tasty Tuesdays) do not work for in your schedule and you would like to assist with our Pita lunches being offered on Wednesdays we are also looking for one volunteer per week from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm.

Please email and someone will be in touch with you. You can sign up for every week, every two weeks or once a month (whatever fits your schedule). 


Beginning of each term via cashless schools:


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