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Reduce - REUSE -  Recycle
Bringing the EcoTeam Home!!

Do you have some great items that are still very useful but you no longer need?  Do you need something in good condition but don’t feel the need to buy new?  Well why not visit the EFT Trading Post!!  


This special area of our website allows our school community to post things they’d like to donate/sell.  As well, anyone of our EFT families in need of items can peruse the site to see if their much-needed item is available.


If you have an item you’d like to post, simply send an email to with a photo and a very brief description of the item.  Indicate whether you will to donate this item or sell it. Also send along your contact information.  We’ll post the item on our website for our EFT Community to review.  Any interested party will contact you directly to make arrangements.


Conversely, if you are in need of a specific item, send us an email and describe what you need.  We’ll post that and if anyone has what you need, we’ll let you know.


Anything can be posted at the TRADING POST!!  Skates, sports equipment, baby items, furniture, household items, toys, games, etc.  Anything that is in good working order and can be used by someone else. 



  • Take a picture of the item you wish to sell / donate.

  • Email the picture to along with a brief description.

  • Indicate wether you are offering it FREE or are wishing to sell. (If selling, indicate PRICE).

  • Include contact information that will be posted with your item.  Prospective recipient of the item will contact you directly.

  • If the item is no longer available (successfully sold or donated), send us an email and we’ll take down the item from the website.

  • Items will remain at The Trading Post for 3 months before we take it down.

NOTE:  Ecole Forest Trail PS and EFT School Council are not liable for any items listed. 

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